Tech Track: Where Big Data Has an Intersection with Everyday Lives

Big Data is changing our lives, discuss what interactions you have on a daily basis with this technology.

Introduction to MapR 

India’s Aadhaar project

This is an unusual Hadoop-based project that is changing society in fundamental ways. How do you identify every person in India, uniquely and reliably—all 1.2 billion of them.

United Health Group 

Customer will be trying to bring in new data sources to enable them to become a platform based business where IT works for the business and doesn’t dictate the art of the possible. From here I will describe how UHG changed their business.

Decisions That Drive Successful Hadoop Projects

What are the decisions that drive successful Hadoop projects?

While the instructional or teachable content is still available in class, however this content is mainly designed in such a way to be accessed outside class which is a great way for struggling students to learn at their own pace.
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