Business Track: Data and Analytics – The Fuel Your Brand, and Your Customers, Deserve

Unsuccessful marketing campaigns are leaving customers disgruntled, making them 40% less likely to return. Companies are casting aside useful data that can provide further insights into better products/better connections with customers. John Callan, VP of Marketing at Boxever will discuss how AI can change how businesses predict trends, reduce risks, and improve efficiency.

Audience will:

  • Gain expert-level understanding of data and machine learning that’s used in today’s market
  • Identify successful ways companies use machine learning to target customers with personalized content

Learn from major airlines use-cases to skillfully target customers and show them exactly what they want to see.

For instance, you can use youtube editor to create beautiful slideshows and presentations to share in class, or create use it to create a hangout and invite students to take part.
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