From data dinosaurs to data stars in five weeks: Lessons from completing 100 data science projects

Over the past four years, there has been a great shift in awareness in businesses and organisations of the need to use data more effectively and for a greater advantage. Yet, still many organisations struggle with how to get started; how to understand which data sets are important, what questions to ask and then how to set up a project and run it.

During this same time, Pivigo has delivered over 100 short data science projects to over 70 organisations. These organisations have been very diverse; both in industry, including media, retail, tech, charities and healthcare, and in size and age, ranging from large corporates such as KPMG, Royal Mail, Barclays and M&S, via SMEs through to two-person start-ups.

What we have consistently seen is the opportunity that lies in running very short, agile data science projects for organisations to become data-driven in a short period of time. In this presentation, I want to share experiences and learning from running these projects. I will go over several case studies of projects completed and go through the ten steps to go from being data curious to a data leader.

The presentation is intended for business executives, managers and those with a general interest in how to get the most out of their data and how to quickly see the benefit of data science.

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