Data Orchestration with Apache Airflow

Companies are challenged to find ways to centralize data coming from a multitude of sources to process and then surface the transformed data using other tools and environments. The surfaced data helps analysts and data scientists to gain insights and optimize business processes, which is necessary to survive in the current business climate.

Data warehousing used to be a rather isolated domain of a bunch of skilled engineers, who’d get around your request when there is no longer need for it. In this age and climate, agile and data-driven organizations need developers at all levels to contribute their part and become proficient in pre-processing and moving data into a centralized environment, where other people can pick this up and use it for their gain. Apache Airflow is a data workflow engine that abstracts the complexities of ETL, post-processing and machine learning activities so that engineers and analysts at various levels can maximize their efforts on their core activity: extracting value from data.

We writing essays with have already covered several ways teachers can leverage the power of this platform in instruction.
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