Business Track: How Deep Is Your Learning

Deep learning, a new class of AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms is making big promises to unlock an unprecedented level of intelligence from voluminous forms of structured and unstructured data produced from online data factories and internet-enabled smart devices. But despite the big hype about big data, deep learning and AI in general, less than half of the projects undertaking by companies looking to push the boundaries of analytics through data science fail to deliver the expected results according to a recent Gartner’s study. From our experience, a major factor in this failure is the myopic view of technology coupled with lack of understanding of what’s needed to build an ecosystem of analytics technology architecture, talent resources and systems of governance. We present a national e-health analytics transformation case study where we describe the recipe for how we envision analytics to be able to create the spin-off factor to reshape and revolutionize the industry landscape through our tested and proven framework of “Transform and Digitize”, Inform and Contextualize”, Embed and Institutionalize, “Innovate and Evangelize”. For organizations, large and small, to deepen their learning and win with analytics a holistic approach has to address all the underlying components across the full analytics value chain…. it’s a never-ending journey!

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