Business Track: How Embracing Big Data Can Help You Reach Your Customers (Panel)

This panel is about how big data can help organisations improve customer experience.

Speakers will present various angles on what data is currently being used in their organisations and how it translates directly into improving the service provided to customers. Providing tangible examples, the panel will discuss how data helps organisations understand what audiences want and how best to connect with them.

With all of the ‘data’ out there, what is the most valuable way to utilise information to drive a better customer experience or client outcome?

How can we make information usable, insightful and actionable?

What are the potential benefits?

How can we increase awareness about big data usage and dispel myths and concerns about privacy?

How can smart use of data drive creativity and business solutions?



I am also sharing with you this wonderful list created by teachthought featuring a number of useful youtube tips, guides, apps , and tools that you can use to tap into the full educational potential of this video platform.
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