Impact of Big Data: Be Relevant or Be Redundant

Every business is looking to create value from big data. In many domains the impact and possibilities have been substantial. In marketing, companies are able to understand their customers’ journey across all kinds of channels, which gives them the opportunity to be far more relevant and customer-centric than ever before. In manufacturing (IoT), products and processes are being optimized every second thanks to the availability of extensive datasets. And how about logistics, healthcare, retail, publishing, gaming and sports? Every company and every organization can benefit by making sense of Big Data and Data Science.

However, leveraging Big Data requires a ‘digital transformation’. Companies need to change the way they work to secure a future in the digital age – rethinking and transforming the infrastructure of technology, people and processes. In this keynote, Ronald van Loon will share his view on the impact of Big Data on our daily lives and discuss several case studies.

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