Keynote: How Labels, Radio Stations and Brands Leverage Shazam Data

“At Shazam, we think data can be beautiful and stunningly inspiring. The pictures we paint with our data tell stories about changing culture, tastes, and shared discoveries. A truly great new song can sweep across the globe in a wave of Shazams that transcends politics, language, or religion”, Greg Glanday, Chief Revenue Officer at Shazam.

This presentation will offer the audience a few examples of how they can use the data from Shazam to get fantastic insight into the consumers` preferences, and how to take that insight and apply it to a brand.

Giving 3 or 4 great examples of what we do at Shazam, anyone in the audience can understand what this data means, really see this data and then be able to leverage it to make smart marketing decisions.

Main takeaway: a clear understanding of what Shazam data is and how brands can use it.

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