Quantifying the physical world: Imagine running a census in a country everyday

Quantifying and understanding the physical world in a dynamic way has been a universal problem. But with the tremendous increase in data coming in from multiple touchpoints, and the AI and machine learning approach to make sense of these data streams, a solution is in sight. Location data is the single identifier which can connect multiple data sets like weather, spend, retail, traffic, demography, content and more to identify the who, where, when in the real world. With a product-based approach, brands can get this data in real-time in places of choice. It is comparable to running a census of any place in the world in real-time!

In his session, Ken Parnham, General Manager, Europe will discuss how data platforms with enhanced tech capabilities are solving the real-world challenges like smart city planning, and also help to overcome most challenges faced by most marketers today.

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