Real-time decision making enabled by IOT

Boldmind will present high-level architecture of its decision engine followed by a case study of how this complex solution is now contained in a simple app for Pepper robot. This app is enabled by real-time data processing, utilising advancements in visual processing. We will also offer some examples of how such engines could be used outside robotics.

Aspects covered:

  1. Landscape – engines and frameworks
  2. Interoperability and well-designed APIs as an essential tool for Innovation and Step Change
  3. Challenges and barriers –  what does it really take to take advantage of big data?
  4. Solutions – do you need to build an in-house team? Proving a business case first is best to get an essential management buy in.
  5. Boldmind engine enabling easy testing and integration – risk-free agile Big Data projects
  6. High-level architecture of Boldmind engine
  7. Black box aside – what does it do?
  8. Driving in-store Experience: Case Study – Hey Boy, Hey Girl APP
  9. Pepper robot – an ultimate retail sensor, gathering and sharing the data across the organisation

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