Tech Track: Reducing congestion at one of the world’s busiest airports

The UK is famous throughout the world for its less than tropical climate, strong headwinds on approach into Heathrow used to be the cause of significant delays on at least 55 days of the year. The weather is a topic us Brits love to talk about, NATS introduced time-based separation in March 2015 in order to alleviate arrival delays in strong head winds with a significant 30,000 minutes of arrival delay saved in the first six months of operational use.

Daimon’s presentation will provide insight into how NATS collected IOT environmental, wake vortex and real-time aircraft data from over 150,000 unique flights over a 5 year period at Heathrow. He will then explain how the data was used to prototype and develop the service and how IOT and aircraft data is used in operations today to dynamically adjust the separation of aircraft in real time as they approach and come in to land at Heathrow.

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