Transforming operational data into revenue for London’s Transport Network

Hello London, the ground-breaking media partnership between Transport for London (TfL) and Exterion Media, gives new opportunities for brands to talk to the London audience in innovative ways and generates vital revenue for London’s transport network.

TfL and Exterion have been working together in the Hello London partnership for a year. Part of the collaboration was around the utilisation of data collected by TfL to better inform advertising investment decisions.

This has led to ground-breaking work in the Out-of-Home advertising sector and the first example of this is Taps Segmentation. Developed by the TfL Data Science team, it allows Exterion to understand demographic patterns at stations based on aggregated contactless and Oyster card usage. This de-personalised data can be analysed for different times of the day and is a game changer – allowing Exterion to rethink how both their classic and digital inventory can be packaged and tailored specifically for clients.

The presentation will cover how TfL and Exterion have collaborated, the approach used by TfL and how Exterion are using it to generate revenue which is reinvested in the transport network.

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