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Daphna Steinmetz

CTO / Digital Turbine

Daphna Steinmetz

CTO / Digital Turbine
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Daphna is an expert in innovation and in forward looking strategy development. Served as CTO and EVP strategy in global market leading Telecom companies, predicting future trends affecting global economy and culture ahead of time: Telecom role in IoT, VR implication on life style, Big Data impact on society. Daphna successfully defined growth engines and strategic directions for companies in the Telecom, mobile and internet domains. She is an international speaker in industry events (ITU, CommunicAsia, WiFi World Congress, 4G conferences) and a lecturer at the Tel Aviv University. She holds BA (cum laude) and MA degrees in mathematics and computer science (Thesis in AI). She served on the board of directors of Amobee and Pontis, has written nine patents, and published numerous papers all about the bleeding edge of marketing trends, emerging technologies, and future business models.

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