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Kim Nilsson

CEO / Pivigo

Kim Nilsson

CEO / Pivigo


Kim has a background in science, with a PhD in Astrophysics and also an MBA from Cranfield School of Management. She is the co-founder and CEO of Pivigo – the Data Science Hub. Pivigo is a data science marketplace and training provider based in London. Founded in 2013, Pivigo aims to improve the employability of PhDs by training them as data scientists, which is a high in-demand commercial skillset. Kim and her team at Pivigo are passionate about bringing businesses and scientists together to harness the value and opportunities in data. They bridge the gap between the two fields with their bespoke training programme S2DS – Europe’s largest data science programme. Since the launch of Pivigo, Kim has been named a Rising Star among the Top 100 Influencers of Big Data in the UK and she is also the chair of a TechUK Big Data skills working group and member of the Government’s Data Skills Taskforce.

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