Richard Bennett

Head of Advisory Services Business Solutions, EMEA / VMware

Richard Bennett

Head of Advisory Services Business Solutions, EMEA / VMware
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Richard Bennett is VMware’s Head of Advisory & Consulting Services across the Northern EMEA regions. He is responsible for providing high-value enterprise IT strategy consulting to help CIOs and their key stakeholders accelerate IT and business transformation. He works closely with C-level executives, offering advice and guidance on long-term technology investment and innovation strategies.

Richard has a passion for working closely with key VMware customers, helping them to find new opportunities, uncover hidden barriers, and formulate pragmatic IT transformation strategies so that they are able to stay relevant in an increasingly complex business landscape.

Richard is a senior business leader who brings more than 20 years’ experience in technology and customer experience to the team. Prior to joining VMware, he was the Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director of IANAS. He has led complex customer-facing teams in global technology companies such as Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Accenture.

Richard has successfully completed a wide array of business transformation projects across multiple sectors including technology, finance and healthcare. As a fellow of the Customer Experience Foundation, he is regularly called upon to provide market independent analysis.

Richard is based in the UK and holds several global management qualifications.

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