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Bigstep is the only cloud provider focused on delivering high performance for big data. In the Full Metal Cloud, we bring together the best infrastructure, orchestration, and applications that enable businesses to start working with big data in just a few clicks.

The Full Metal Cloud is the world’s highest performance cloud, purpose-built for big data. Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytics engines reach up to 500% better performance running on Full Metal compared to virtualised public clouds.



Yandex Data Factory are the machine learning and data analytics experts that use data science to improve business’ operations, revenues and profitability. By building upon the real-time personalisation and predictive analytics technology of parent company, Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia, Yandex Data Factory helps clients improve their business and deliver measurable results through the exploitation of their own data.

Yandex Data Factory offers scalable, SaaS-driven machine learning services to a wide variety of data-reliant verticals, such as retail, financial services, travel, and telecoms, who wish to use their data for purposes such as improving personalisation, delivering tailored cross-sell and upsell recommendations, preventing customer churn, etc. The key technological stack of the company also includes computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition.

 Yandex Data Factory was founded in 2014 by Yandex and is headquartered in Amsterdam, operating throughout Europe.


Adversitement is specialized in ‘closing the marketing loop’. They collect and process all relevant customer-generated information – both offline and online – and turn these data into reliable customer insights. These insights empower brands to improve their products and services, to intensify client interaction and to deliver an optimal customer experience. The result: more sales, better returns and a structural improvement of customer relations and brand loyalty.

The company’s core business is all about delivering reliable customer insights through data process management: design and implement this entire process of collection, processing and visualisation in the most efficient way, valuing today’s highest standards regarding data quality and data ethics improvement of customer relations and brand loyalty.

 Adversitement expertise is most valuable for customer-centric businesses that want to create agile competitive advantage and increase profitability in the most simple, secure and sustainable way.

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The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is a charity which promotes statistics, data and evidence for the public good; we are one of the world’s leading learned societies and the only UK professional body for all statisticians.

 But beyond that – the Royal Statistical Society is its members. We are an active community of producers and users of statistics who work together to promote the role that statistics and data analysis play in society. Anyone who cares about data can join the RSS. Doing so may improve your analytical skills, open up new professional networks and give you a voice. Find out more at www.rss.org.uk.


media140 is a leading innovator in developing global communities through engaging events, exhibitions and experiences. They bring people together to form communities of interest in science, media and technology.

media140 has a unique history set apart from other event companies in that it delivers its own projects and events, spanning science, media and technology across the globe. Since media140’s very first event in May 2009, they have produced 30+ of their own curated events. Renowned for their attention to detail and level of professionalism, media140 events have always been at the cutting edge of exploring the political, economic and technological opportunities facing society.


ASI is the leader in data innovation. We specialise in data exploration, data science as a service, advanced analytics, predictive analytics and data engineering. We run bespoke training programmes to upskill you and your team in all the latest developments of data science and engineering. We also have a Data Science/Engineering Fellowship program. It’s an intensive 8 week post-doctoral fellowship enabling scientists to become data scientists and engineers. The core of the programme is a project with partner companies, that provides the fellows with a portfolio of work to demonstrate their abilities in the real world and the companies free analysis of their data by some of the brightest minds in the UK. We’ve worked with some great organisations including EasyJet, BBC, and Lloyds, Tesco, Siemens as well as many startups.


Framework Training Ltd was established in 2010 with the aim of delivering technical training courses of the very highest quality supported by enthusiastic and expert customer service.
We have considerable experience in web, database and software development and have particular interests in emerging technologies, Agile / Scrum, advanced techniques and security Best Practices.
We have a genuine love of technology – so you can be confident that when you speak to us we’ll quickly understand your requirements and be able to guide you to the optimum solutions.
We work with a wide range of clients in the UK and overseas; sectors include finance, public sector, creative / digital agencies, broadcast media and utilities. We’ve received some great customer feedback from our customers.


Hadoop is engineered for big data analytics, but it’s not real time. Couchbase is engineered for real-time big data, but it’s operational rather than analytical. Couchbase together with Hadoop is the key to real time big data.

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