Artificial Intelligence: Winning the Red Queen’s Race

Artificial Intelligence is popularized in fiction films such as “The Terminator” and “AI: Artificial Intelligence”. Now, artificial intelligence is becoming closer to being a part of our daily lives through the use of technologies like virtual assistants such as Cortana, smart homes, and automated customer service. Now, we are running the Red Queen’s race not just to win, but to survive in a world where Artificial Intelligence is becoming the present as well as the future of technology, and futurist ideas are developing into reality at accelerated rates.

How can you help your company to evolve, adapt and succeed using Artificial Intelligence to stay at the forefront of the competition, and win the Red Queen’s Race? What are the potential issues, complications and benefits that artificial intelligence could bring to us and our organisations? In this session, Jen Stirrup will explain the quick wins to win the Red Queen’s Race, using demos from Microsoft technologies such as CNTK to help you and your organisation to win the Red Queen’s race.

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