Tech Track: Cats, and what they tell us about Big Data and IoT

The Internet of Things is the biggest challenge Big Data has ever faced. For the first time in history, inexpensive connected devices with sensors are available that generate vast amounts of data in seconds. What does it mean for data science that my cat generates gigabytes of data every few hours? Clearly the emergence of IoT technologies will change Big Data as we know it, quite possibly beyond recognition. I will outline three ways in which the IoT explosion will change how we work, three assumptions about data it has irrevocably challenged and three ways we can not merely cope but thrive within this unprecedented expansion of data volumes, velocity and variety (and cats).

Alle schularten sind in dieser schulpraxis beteiligt, und es hat sich mittlerweile ein fester stamm von schulen und engagierten theaterlehrerinnen und theaterlehrern gebildet grund genug fr uns, sich mit seinen werken auseinanderzusetzen.
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