Tech Track: Cloud Search Secured

27 Oct 2016
2:30 pm

Tech Track: Cloud Search Secured

At Transport for London (TfL) we move people and things around London. As our city grows, we come under more focus to get the most efficient use of our networks, as well as keeping them moving. This is where data analytics make all the difference. We have a wide range of information which we use for operational purposes as well as incident-related investigations while meeting the obligations under the Freedom of Information Act.

This presentation covers the evolving architecture and services we are building at TfL to pull together our diverse information sets for a better support of operational decision making. Also, we put forward our post-event analysis as well as detailed investigations where things might have gone wrong while remaining compliant with our regulatory obligations.

It’s all about spatiality and security. Time and location are the keys to bringing information sets together, to identify related facts or to correlate them. This is being delivered while working with both restricted and confidential-rated data with very different security needs. Bringing all these together required some unusual approaches to segregation and integration while working with the existing governance processes.

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