Data Investigation and Visualisation

For years, business went crazy for Big Data Lakes. Often, these became polluted and overloaded with irrelevant data. Steve is an advocate of stopping collection data for the sake of it and transforming data in smart data. Smart Data is split into 3 key phases – Discover, Understand and Evolve.

Smart data is:

  • Fully Searchable
  • In the context and understanding of the end user
  • Unified, Merged, Integrated and Synchronised (Enriched)
  • Visualised
  • On time
  • In one place
  • Accessible from any location, anytime, by anyone from any origin

To demonstrate this, Steve will show a Visualisation demo across the Panama Papers data. This data was compiled from multiple sources and the demo will show the simplicity of showing connections within the data, without the need for technical skill.

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